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Simple et Rapide. Vous n'avez jamais utilisé de caisse tactile ?  LaCaisseTactile est faite pour vous ! Votre 1ere vente en 5 secondes chrono.

​Complete POS offers several integrated features perfectly suited for better restaurant management.

Its features include an integrated floor plan; a quick access command to display table and seat lists;  the capacity to print group or individual checks; the capacity to split meals between patrons; to switch orders from one patron to another or one table to another; a pre-order, delivery and take-out feature.

Complete POS is an efficient software and its look, customizable to suit your  preferences, is unrivalled. It offers three different ways to print orders in the kitchen depending on your needs and work methods.

       You can even enter your recipes as to better manage inventories.

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ts speed, the fact it prints orders to the kitchen and interfaces with cash drawers makes Complete POS the perfect program to manage lunch counters. You can personalize the command bar on the touch screen as to group items for easier and faster access.

Complete POS handles pre-orders, take-out orders and deliveries. Features such as half-&-half with charging for the costliest part, the management of 2 to 4 item combos or 2 to 3 item mix’n match are already implemented in the software. You can also enter your recipes as to better manage inventories.

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